Downtown Naples Restaurants Worth Trying

  • Matt Brown
  • 03/10/21

Downtown Naples Restaurants Worth Trying

Whether you’re craving some classic American comfort foods or you’re in the mood to explore exotic cuisines from around the world; Naples, South Florida is a city that never lets its residents go home unsatisfied. Known for its high-end restaurants and exquisite fine-dining experiences, Naples has been attracting food lovers from across the country for decades. With such a large local crowd hungry for great food and the amount of tourists frequenting every year, Naples restaurants have something unique to offer for every individual taste bud! 

One thing is certain, there are a plethora of eateries, cafes, and restaurants in Naples. People who are new to the area may feel lost and confused, but lucky for you, we have compiled a list of our five favorite restaurants worth trying.

1. Sails Restaurant

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Sails is the kind of place that never leaves you short on choices. They pride themselves on customer experience, which is why the restaurant features private dining rooms and live music. It’s an ideal location for romantic date nights, anniversaries, celebrations, and gatherings of all kinds.

A visit to their bar is considered a must, as they offer the finest quality cocktails and drinks. For the optimum food experience, try their special tasting menu. They’ll serve up multiple delicacies, the highest recommended of which are lobster ravioli, stuffed crab avocado, and peppered tuna Rossini.

2. BHA! BHA! Persian Bistro

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Located on Fifth Avenue South, BHA! BHA! offers its own flair on traditional Middle

Eastern food. Promising a blend of fragrant spices, fruity sweetness, and bold flavors, this Persian restaurant makes for the perfect palette.

The elegant, white-tablecloth dining experience is the perfect backdrop for enjoying their specialties, which include kebabs & duck fesenjān. Seafood lovers don’t despair, for the

Middle Eastern restaurant offers up Seafood Khoresh, a complex medley of marine flavors that will have your taste buds singing.

3. Osteria Tulia

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When you enter this place, get ready to be served exquisitely prepared rustic Italian cuisine in the ambiance of a convivial, restored farmhouse. In addition to Italian food, it also offers local Naples classics with hints of Mediterranean, Tuscan, and Sicilian flavors.

Osteria Tulia promises fresh ingredients from across Italy and America. Try out the prosciutto and burrata to see this for yourself, and don’t forget to go for a short rib tortellini and bucatini cace de pepe as your main pasta dishes for that authentic Italian flavor.

4. Ocean Prime

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Get ready for great American classics, local Naples gems, and a vibrant, modern setting in Ocean Prime. Located in the very center of downtown Naples on Fifth Avenue South, you’re greeted by a valet service that leads the way to some of the finest seafood you’ll have in this city. With a culinary finesse you won’t easily find elsewhere, the place complements the older part of Naples with its own unique style. Try the lamb chops and tuna tartare if you’re feeling fancy, or go for the good old cheeseburgers if you’re reminiscing about comfort food.

5. Sea Salt Restaurant

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As anyone who has ever eaten at Sea Salt can attest, the restaurant did not stumble upon its name by chance. Diners begin their meal with a trio of imported salts and extra-virgin olive oil to give them an introduction to the restaurant’s central sea salt concept.

Sea Salt Restaurant is considered a local food gem. As with all local food eateries at Naples, Sea Salt is a dream destination for seafood lovers. Explosive flavor profiles are delicately encompassed within Instagram-worthy, colorful seafood dishes. For an exceptional dining experience, guests can request a seat at the Chef's Table which sits in the middle of the kitchen itself. As for their menu, try out the Sea Scallops and Baked Oysters if you’re reminiscing about the fresh, well seasoned seafood flavor.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re a food lover, you will not want to miss out on the Naples food experience. The city is known for its warmth and friendliness to residents and tourists alike, so you won’t be disappointed. When you’re ready to learn more about homes for sale in southwest Florida, contact Matt Brown Real Estate for more information. I’d love to help you find a piece of Naples luxury real estate.

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